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These are 11 easy steps on how to insert  photos into your Facebook posts:

  1. If you have a Facebook account already go to http://www.facebook.com and type in your email and password, if you do not have a facebook go to http://www.facebook.com and go down to where it says Sign Up and  type in the needed information
  2. Once you have successfully logged on, look on the right hand side of your monitor and click on News Feed at the top of the page
  3. Look for the text box at the top of the screen that says What’s on your mind?
  4. Once you have found it you can either type in the text youwould like to write or insert your photo first.


  5. If you would like to write your text first, click on the box and make sure it is under the section Update Status and write the text you would like
  6. Once you have done that click on the words above the text box that says Add Photo/Video 
  7. If you would like to upload a saved picture click on Upload Photo/Video and click browse then  search threw the files on your computer forthe picture you’d like, it will not show the picture you have chosen it will only show the file URL  *It would likely be in My documents or My pictures folder
  8. If you would like to take a picture on your computer click on Use Webcam and click on the camera button when your ready to take it *Note if you do not have a camera at the top of your computer you cannot do this (Most phones, ipods and Desktops don’t have a camera)
  9. If you would like to insert your photo first go to Add Photo/Video and click on either Use Webcam or Upload Photo/Video depending on if your uploading or taking a picture
  10. Then type in the text you would like
  11. And the last and easiest step, for all is click Post ( If you only want certain people to see this post click on the little button next to the Postbutton that has three people on it and got to the drop down list and choose the people you would like it to be visible for)

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  1. Ejike Stephen said:

    I want to post my picture.

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